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Clear communication is important to me. I avoid legal jargon while still being the one you can come to for answers.


I recognize that your case means the world to you. I'll treat it as such, giving you my 100% attention at every stage.


I've developed a clear-eyed approach to law, making sure I handle each case with honesty, integrity, and realism.

Traffic Defense & Family Law Attorney in Chase City, Mecklenburg County, Virginia

Attorney Joshua Hatchell

Joshua Hatchell

Attorney at Law

After graduating summa cum laude from Hampden-Sydney College and earning my J.D. from the College of William and Mary, I worked as a prosecutor for nine years. I eventually decided to open my own firm here in Mecklenburg County. As the founder of Hatchell Law, PLLC, I now fight against prosecutors to help people like you preserve their future and their freedom. I’m well-known in the Chase City and Mecklenburg County community for my clear, focused dedication to each and every client—but I'm also easily recognized by my signature bowties.


“I believe that civility and aggressive litigation are not only compatible philosophies, but they are essential to effective legal representation in this community,"

Joshua Hatchell

Protect Your Future & Your Freedom

Traffic law violations like speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets can seem unfair. For minor violations like speeding, you can face enormous fines. For more serious traffic charges like a DUI, your very freedom can be at risk. When you set up a free traffic consultation with me, we'll navigate the justice system together. I’ll seek to reduce or even eliminate penalties against you.

If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, the impact on your life can be enormous. Your personal and professional reputation is at risk, but you don't need to let this moment define you. Hire me for your DUI defense or other criminal defense needs to receive the legal support you deserve. I’ll work hard to represent your side of the story and fight against those who want you to face serious consequences.

As a former prosecutor, I'm ready to fight on your side. I understand how the opposing team will build a case against you. They may try to discredit you, claim that you had the worst intentions, or even try to leave out your side of the story. I can anticipate these tactics when I build and defend your case, even if that means going all the way to trial.

The justice system can be tough and unforgiving, especially if you’re fighting it alone. Get an experienced attorney involved in your fight. Whether you’ve been charged with a serious traffic violation, a DUI, or another crime, I’m ready to listen to your story and seek a favorable outcome. I proudly represent the people of Mecklenburg, as well as South Hill, Boydton, Charlotte County, and Southside Virginia.

The Hatchell Difference

When you're facing legal difficulties, it can be hard to know where to turn. At Hatchell Law, PLLC, I provide personalized service backed by professional results. Tell me your story—I'm ready to listen, understand, and advise. Reach out to me today to see how I can help you with your traffic law, DUI defense, family law, estate planning, or real estate needs in Chase City.

When your family's structure is shifting, work with a lawyer who is ready to stand in your corner. Even when a divorce or separation seems amicable, issues like separating property, deciding on child custody, or making decisions about child support and alimony can be complicated. It’s best to have a lawyer on your side so that your interests are protected every step of the way.

Every single case is important to me—no matter how large or small—because every single client is important to me. That's the Hatchell difference. Leave the complex legal matters to a skilled attorney who will seek to defend your freedom and interests. I’ll provide the representation you need, all while keeping you as involved in the case as you’d like. I’ll be honest and realistic with you throughout our time together, and I’ll communicate with you without all the legalese.

If you live in Chase City - Mecklenburg County or the neighboring areas of South Hill, Charlotte County, Lunenburg County, or Southside Virginia, I’m available to serve your legal needs. Visit me for a consultation. We can talk about your situation, your concerns, and any questions you may have about your case.